We buy

At Matilda’s not only do we have impressive antiques to offer, but within our store, our experts can complete valuations of antiques for anyone interested. Should someone be curious how much their treasured valuables are potentially worth we are here to help! Our team offers detailed advice as well on how to maintain your antiques to keep them in the best condition for countless years to come.

At Matilda’s, we are always looking for any quality antiques to add to our varied and diverse range of products. Some of the items we especially are seeking include good-condition art deco lamps in addition to writing bureaus, object d’art, assorted period furniture, Victoriana, and generally interesting or unique collectibles for purchase.

We are always looking to buy anything classic, antique, or vintage in addition to just plain interesting and unusual objects, so stop by our North Fremantle store as soon as today with what you might like to sell us!