Making Espresso using a Coffee Maker


Most of us love the benefits of coffee, but it cannot be satisfying to us if it doesn’t obtain the specific taste and flavor we are craving for. Having a coffee maker at home or in the office is not a guarantee of enjoying some good espresso; it takes some little expertise to make the best out your coffee maker. First and foremost you need to be aware of some ingredients needed and also the texture of the espresso you intend to make. The common ingredients required for coffee making include clean water and espresso beans. Below is a guide on how to make espresso with a coffee maker effectively.

Choose coffee beans

22bfkjghjfhiCoffee beans for making espresso come in two categories; dark shade beans and light shade beans. The type of beans you are supposed to use in the preparation process will depend on the kind of coffee you wish to make. Normally folks from Northern Italy and Europe love espresso made from the light shaded coffee beans while Americans and South Italy individuals prefer espresso from the dark coffee beans.

Crushing the Coffee Beans

After you have identified the coffee beans suitable for the kind of espresso you need the next step is to grind them. Note that the grinding process does not occur anyhow, but it takes some expertise. While grinding you need to ensure that you don’t produce grinds that are too large to avoid killing the flavor and acidity supposed to be present in the espresso. On the other hand, too much grinding of the coffee beans will make the espresso process longer and cause it to obtain a remarkably bitter taste.


After your ground is ready and you are sure it meets the texture for your ideal espresso, it is time to add water into the coffee maker. The water is supposed to be at temperatures ranging from 90C or 200F because with those temperatures you create the ideal environment for most extraction to occur.

Preparing the Espresso

The fourth step in the process is now preparing the espresso. Knowing the right ground amount to use while making your perfect espresso is the key. Being aware of the pressure needed to make a delicious espresso beverage is important too. For instance, one shot of espresso requires 7gm of ground and approximately 30 pounds pressure.

The Process

33mhkjghkjfhWhen you are done with all the preparation process, making the espresso is quite fast. Once all the ingredients for your espresso are intact in the coffee maker, it will just take a minute to get the brew ready! All you will need to do is turn on your coffee machine and leave it to get ready. Actually, in 10 seconds you will have some little drops of espresso accumulating in the carfare.

With a coffee maker, enjoying the exact delicious taste you need for your espresso is possible but only if you get the procedures involved in its preparation correct. Putting the above-given guide into consideration while preparing your espresso will enable you to enjoy the tasty cup of espresso you have always longed for.