Most Common Digestive Problems

Digestion can be defined as a process of breaking down food substances into minute soluble substances. The major organs that play a vital role in digestion include the esophagus, large intestine, small intestine, and the stomach.  This process allows the food you eat to be converted into nutrients your body requires to function. These nutrients include fatty acids, carbohydrates, essential minerals, and essential amino acids. You need to know how your digestive system works and why it should stay healthy. The following are common digestive systems that affect many people:

Digestive problems

Acid reflux

tged6cyhw7duj2ijdik2It is commonly known as heartburn. It is a painful condition that occurs when the esophagus cannot handle the stomach acid. You should be aware that the food you eat is digested with the assistance of natural hydrochloric acid found in the stomach. The acid has produced the stomach, and it is stored there. For unexplained reasons, sometimes the acid flows into the esophagus and causes a heartburn and a chest burning sensation.


These are pebble-like, hard deposits, which develop in the gall bladder. They can be as large as a golf ball or as small as sand depending on the severity of the problem. These stones are contained cholesterol. However, there is no relation with them with the amount of cholesterol you have in the body.

Peptic ulcers

These are defects in the lining of the stomach or the small intestine, particularly the duodenum. The common cause for this damage is infection by H.pylon. The majority of people suffering from this condition also have bacteria in the GIT. Astonishingly, most people having this bacteria present do not develop ulcers.


This is the hardness of feces or bowel movements, which are hard to pass or infrequent. In fact, it is the most common digestive problem. This problem can be treated by eating foods that contain roughage and drinking fresh juices.tgw3ed6chwse7duj2ikm2

Lactose intolerance

This is intolerance of lactose by some people. It is a result of the absence of enzyme lactase that is responsible for the breakdown of lactose.

The above digestive problems are as a result of improper digestion. You should note that having a healthy digestive system is quite important for your overall health. Fortunately, you can avoid most of these digestive problems by incorporating changes to your lifestyle. In this way, you can stay healthy and prevent other diseases.…


Tips to an Efficient Gemba Walk

Gemba walks are a progressively favored management craft. By visiting places where work is processed, staff gains valuable acumen into a flow of cost through the business and often hidden gaps for improvement and learn simple methods to support another team.

The approach is a good move, with your employees giving info about and why but with the you will get more about gemba walks.

Also remember that high results depend on your execution, planning, and follow-up. With me, I have the most crucial steps you can consider and ensure your next walk is more than successful.

Organize your team

codeIt is essential that the group members who will be engaged and observed during the walk have some understandings about the importance of the step. You must make them understand that their only purpose is to ultimately reduce obstacles to zero in the production rate and produce something with maximum profit.

You can hire someone to conduct a public talk with them so that they can fell open and comfortable to interact with the experts they meet in their walk. You can also send a free eBook with guides to a perfect Gemba walks to the group that will be traveling.

Consider the value Stream

Always, the most substantial gaps for improvement are placed where there are departments or people, handoffs in the processes. By checking the flow of value, these stages with a good potential for waste residues can be considered all the factors considered. It is also wise to welcome other employees to give their shifts, suggest processes, or work environment that they may gain after the Gemba walk.

This will not only improve your opportunities to a potential point that you have been missing but also make the whole areas and processes mentioned as two-way production street. Merely because they are going to be the one doing the production and using simple understanding to insight the areas that they require experts.

Keeping in mind that the value you are introducing to your staff is new and a fresh idea from the normal one. By asking questions where this will be the most crucial thing you are involving them in the production process and making it look like they are the one dictating, not criticizing.

Avoid distractions and focus on the process

recycleThis is not a work performance evaluation that they can fear. The main function of this is to understand observe and learn something new to improve the processing. Ensure that walk should not make them feel punitive and during the turn, you are not supposed to involve anyone from the team to any task connected to management.

It great if you prepare the group at the site by letting them know that they need to have some answers to questions like how, why and when the process is done. And make sure that they know that you are not after the correct response, but an honest answer and complete solutions. Remember question at the Gemba is genuine interest with an aim to understand the process, so don’t make them strain for answers.…